K-Insurance ERP

Insurance Management Software with a simple approach to a sophisticated problem.

K-Insurance is a comprehensive BI suite that supports analysis across different phases of insurance operations, right from the identification of prospects to the maturity of the policy or settling of claims. It can help you improve the performance of your key business levers like channel productivity, customer retention and claims management. With K-Insurance, you can be assured that your decisions are based on accurate and validated data.

K-APP Mobility Framework

Clients, Adjusters & Repair or Towing Services in just one APP

Integrate all the stakeholders involved on a claim with an APP.

- Clients can easily manage their policy or settle a claim.

- Field adjusters are able to access critical information like policy agreements, damage photos, repair statements, loss notices and notes, in real-time from their mobile tablet device.

- Manage Repair & Towing Services it's quite easy. Using location services the claim is identified at the precise location, dispatching the closest repair team.